EPC Project Services

EPC Project Services is a one-stop shop for consulting and staffing solutions. Clients who partner with us receive the following benefits:

  • Fractional support helps fill in functional gaps.
  • Experienced with all phases of capital projects.
  • Owner and contractor experience.
  • Supports multiple industry sectors.
  • Extensive knowledge and use of Industry Best Practices.
  • Far reaching database of project resources and consultants.
  • International presence and capability.
  • Responsiveness, serving with a sense of urgency.
  • Excellent communication and transparency.
  • Flexible and creative to find the right solution.
  • Ability to bring unbiased perspective to our clients.
  • Lower cost options than competitors.

Project Examples by Industry Sector


Led the overall project planning and development of a fully resourced schedule in support of delivering a project for the replacement of two large chemical distillation towers. The project required a plant shutdown resulting in a very tight schedule for execution of the towers replacement.

EPC provided overall planning and project management support along with readiness reviews including gap identification and improvement support. The project was completed safely and on schedule with minimal plant disruption. The client’s Senior Project Manager who was directly engaged with EPC’s team noted “the support provided by the EPC team was excellent and much needed for the successful execution of this project”.


Project definition, execution planning, and estimating support for a floating LNG export facility and associated cross country gas pipeline. The project would be one of the largest floating LNG facilities in North America requiring the installation of an extremely complex natural gas pipeline network running through major metropolitan areas.

EPC provided support to the Project Development team of a major natural gas producer for defining the overall execution team and strategy and also provided a conceptual level estimate for the overall project.

EPC was engaged to provide a Project Controls Gap Assessment for a pipeline operator. The EPC team of subject matter experts reviewed typical project reports and met with stakeholders, project delivery team members, contractors, and leadership. EPC helped the company establish priorities for improvements which were then implemented.

Downstream Oil & Gas

Led the Project Services function for the repurposing of an operating refinery to include a renewable fuels unit producing diesel and aviation fuel from plant oils, animal fats and used cooking oils. EPC provided a highly experienced Project Services Manager along with subject matter experts to stand up a project services team in support of the project. EPC then helped the client transition in full time direct staff to deliver the project through Mechanical Completion.

Clean Energy

Supported the development and implementation of a project management organization (PMO) for the energy infrastructure division of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer. Provided input into the overall PMO organization and operating model through completion of a gap assessment and closure plan. Developed project delivery processes and procedures for implementation across small, medium, and large capital project. Supported project planning and development for a hydrogen generation hub including estimate validation and contracting strategy for execution.
EPC Project Services provides support to multiple industry sectors. Typical industries include:


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